In Conclusion …

Thanks for making this year’s WACC a sellout success!

WACC 2016 Bye Panda Pals!
Bye Panda


Before you go, please provide us with a wee bit of feedback to help us plan for next year’s conference:


All recorded presentations will be posted in a public Canvas shell and we’ll share that link via this website

TCC eLearning Director, Christopher Soran said, “The recordings will be available in 3-4 weeks”.


HUGE THANKS to Tacoma Community College’s (TCC), Christopher Soran, Debbie Padden, Christie Fierro, Shannon Hight, and TCC’s (gold shirt) student helpers for making sure we were taken care of throughout our two days at TCC and Pierce Community Colleges’ Mary Davis and Rosie Garcia for their generous help with invoicing and ticket sales.

HUGE THANKS to our entertaining and engaging presenters, our Canvas friends and partners, Renee, Jason and Kaitlin — and to Panopto’s Kelsi and Jordan for making the trek and time to present and network with us! You, your products, and services are amazing!

AND of course a HUGE THANKS to all of our dedicated attendees! We’re so impressed with this turnout and how engaged everyone was. I guess we should do this again next year?!

Virtually yours,

Sara Newman
SSC eLearning Director
SBCTC eLC Member

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