Recordings 2016

Please find below links to Panopto recordings from WACC 2016


Thursday Sessions

  1. Using Canvas to Engage and Inform Faculty – Thursday
  2. Beyond SPLAT! Microsoft and other eLearning tools are accessible – Thursday
  3. IYOC: Improving Your Online Course – Thursday
  4. API: What’s the Function?
  5. Canvas Beyond the Classroom
  6. Canvas Commons: Up Close and Personal
  7. Using Gamification to Increase Faculty Engagement – Myth, Magic and Reality
  8. Everything is big in Texas. Why convert a course to OER when you could convert a whole department?
  9. First Generation College Students—How Do We Help Them Succeed?
  10. How the State Board is Supporting Accessibility
  11. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Canvas Community
  12. Make the best of your online class: tips and ways to engage fully online and hybrid online students
  13. Managing Accessibility Initiatives
  14. Open Educational Resources & Open Policy: Case Study
  15. Panopto and Canvas: Enhancing Student Learning with Video
  16. Rock Out with Groups
  17. Taking a Byte Out of API
  18. Using the “UDOIT” accessibility Diagnostic Tool in Canvas

Friday Sessions

  1. A Faculty Peer Support Model: CanvAssistance, Potty Picayune, and More! – Friday
  2. Asynchronous In-Service via Canvas – Friday
  3. Authentic & Painless Program Assessment – Friday
  4. Canvas and OER – Everything I didn’t anticipate – Friday
  5. Closed Captioning: McGyver Style – Friday
  6. Creating Classroom Community with the Canvas App – Friday
  7. Creating Effective Canvas Collaboration with Librarians: Successes and Pitfalls – Friday
  8. Culturally Responsive Canvas: 5 Things You can do – Friday
  9. Do Not Fear the Codes – Friday
  10. Facilitating Collaboration Using Canvas and Google Docs – Friday
  11. Hybrid Exchange FLC: Exploring the Hybrid Format – Friday
  12. Improving Communication with Students – Friday
  13. Introduction to Accessibility- Friday
  14. iPad-ucation: Using iPads in the Classroom – Friday
  15. Open-Ended Assignments: Harnessing the Vast Internet – Friday
  16. Opening Up: Launching an Open Textbook in Your Course – Friday
  17. Pathways to Success: Engaging the New Traditionals – Friday
  18. Universal Design and OER for mere mortals – Friday
  19. Using Data to Tell Compelling Stories – Friday
  20. Using Templates for Effective Course Development – Friday