UPDATE: Call for WACC 2017 Proposals (Extended Due Date is now Jan. 10th)

This is a “call for proposals” for your upcoming 2017 Washington state Canvas Conference (WACC). Please use this online form to submit all proposals, http://tinyurl.com/wacc-2017-proposals

WACC will be held March 30-31, 2017 at Tacoma Community College.

We’re open to ALL proposals concerning Canvas and Higher Education in Washington state and eager to consider your workshop and/or lecture proposals.

* Notifications of proposal acceptance will be emailed to owner of submission by Feb 15 or sooner!!

Thank you,

WA SBCTC eLearning Council
Professional Development Workgroup

WACC 2017: Washington state’s Canvas Conference is a collaborative conference focused on enriching our Canvas users across 34+ Colleges and 6 Universities.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Call for WACC 2017 Proposals (Extended Due Date is now Jan. 10th)

    1. Sara Newman

      Good afternoon Bruce! Last year we were welcoming faculty from our neighboring states and I think we are again this year but let me have this year’s WACC coordinator, Sarah Griffith sgriffith@lcc.ctc.edu, confirm that for you, via email and we’ll post her response here, as well.
      Thanks for the great question!
      Sara Newman 🙂


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